Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Last Day in Connecticut

It's the last day. The realtor, who is an idiot, called to schedule the walk through for the buyers. Okay great. It's happening after I move. She asked me to lock my door and they'd get in through the lock box. The door doesn't lock by the handle. The only way to do what she asked was to leave with the key. I said yes. She'll find it unlocked. My guess is that it will all work out. 

Meanwhile, I got a loose tooth in March and needed a bridge. We photo finished it. It came in today and my pearly whites are looking good. I got my prescriptions filled today and the movers, scheduled at 9 aren't coming till 10:30 or 11. 

No more contact with my stalker. That's a relief.


  1. Glad the stalker is cooling it! And good luck with the move--I can't wait to hear all about Phoenix!

  2. Let us know how you're doing in Arizona. (I hear Mark Lindsay's voice as I write this.) Make tracking down a good dentist a priority. I know it's not sexy, but they are an investment to protect. I bet (adjusted for inflation) I've spent more on my teeth than I have on housing! Know your blog buddies are thinking of you.