Thursday, May 12, 2022

So Besides Packing

So besides packing, I've been saying goodbye to folks. Last night was a woman I literally have not seen in 40 years. We've stayed in touch on Facebook. She used to work for me. And a bit more. At 18, she was the strongest woman I ever met. It turned out she had to be. Her 36-year-old daughter is autistic and institutionalized. She had a double mastectomy, surviving breast cancer. 

I had thought the focus would be on my three stupid marriages & my soon-to-be 10 grandkids. But her story was fascinating. And she still laughed 

I also connected with my first girlfriend after my first marriage...

My lady Ann was just as nice as I remembered. I was almost 40 when I met her. I had 4 kids. She wanted marriage & kids. I moved on. To another woman who wanted kids. Funny thing? Neither of these women ever had kids or ever got married. Not once. I don't mean the lady above. She is very happily married and besides the child I mentioned, she has a 33-year-old-son. 

Back to packing. My daughter Heather came up to pack my studio (20 cartons of vinyl) and to visit, just us, no kids or hubby, just us. I took her to the best seafood place in West Hartford - Max's Oyster Bar. No pic with my daughter. We did not think of it!

Yesterday, I met with the home appraiser for the bank financing the house we're selling. She could not shut up. Thirty minutes telling me the fucking history of her in her job. This woman climbed six steps gasping for breath. She told me on the way out that the bank wouldn't have a problem. This was really privileged info, particularly since she knew I was not really the homeowner.

Today I removed nails from all those pictures in the studio. Should I paint the new one green too? I think I might.

If you've meandered this far, thank you. Till next time. 

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  1. I love these posts. I enjoy these glimpses into your life. It feels like so many of us are ont he cusp of a new chapter and it's these posts are so relateable!