Monday, May 2, 2022

As the World Turnstiles

 Saying goodbye to people isn't all that I'm doing. Checking out my favorite restaurants, thinking "Last time here". Today I saw a doctor and the date of the move is such that there wasn't a lot he could do. It feels a bit surreal. My kitchen was completely packed. (Hence the restaurants).

My daughter Heather is coming up for two days. She's going to help pack my studio. May 25th I spend a night in Boston and fly to Phoenix the next day. I'm not sure whether I'll spend the first week at my house or my son's. It doesn't matter. Neither house will have furniture. An air mattress is what we'll have. And legal pot.

Last night, my friend took me out to dinner. I've seen a lot of her. It's all a bit weird. Saturday is WTIT's final show. I'm happy it's ending. We were never right after Johnnie Walker died. Those are my thoughts on a Monday.

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  1. I have been seeing the pictures on the blog. It is hard to say goodbye. I hope your next chapter is wonderful.