Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday, Monday

It's Monday morning. Wednesday morning at 9 AM when the day begins, the movers will be here. I am about as ready as I can get. I ordered some scripts I need. I got my hair cut Friday. My hairdresser asked if I had found a hairdresser yet. I replied that I thought I'd find a doctor first. She has no idea how long I can let my hair grow before it bothers me. I did my wash here yesterday. Now my life is full of "last times".

Soon I'll talk of firsts. My son ask me if I thought about what clothes that I'm bringing. I said, "My suitcase was packed yesterday." I did get good news today. I should have my stuff in Phoenix by June 8th. My car could be sooner. I'll be on an air mattress till then. But I'll be with my son. We always have a good time.

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  1. I spent the morning packing up my classroom. I just have a little bit left, but we still have 4 days of school to go with kids, so I did not pack everything. They are going to be remodeling our school, so everything is going into storage and the room I will be in next year will be worked on over the summer. Then I will have to unpack and set up again in August and then pack up when the school is ready and move into my new room. It is exciting, but a lot of work. I hope your move goes smoothly! Have a nice week. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!