Saturday, August 6, 2022

Those Were The Days, My Friend


Sunday Stealing: Personal History

1.  What would you like people to know about your mother? For a woman who didn't particularly want children, while flawed, she did a remarkably good job.

2.  What would you like people to know about your father? My dad was my best friend. He had a wicked sense of humor and fun. Before my stupid and ill-fated 3rd marriage, my dad and I went out at least weekly while he sang at piano bars. 

3.  What was your childhood bedroom like? It was paneled. I had a bunch of sports pennants up till high school. 

4.  What was your favorite activity as a child? Playing doctor with the girl next door.

5.  What was high school like for you? I was the ringleader of WTIT which had 5 main guys and another 5 who were more social than pivotal. We had parties all the time. Those were the days, my friend.

6.  Write about your cousins. Nice people. Those I know. 

7.  What was your favorite food as a child? Steak.

8.  What was your most memorable birthday? My 40th. I was  newly single and dating a lot of women. My dad told me to enjoy my 40s cuz they were the best. He was right in that regard. 

9.  What world events were significant to you as a child? JFK's, RFK's and MLK's assignations.

10. What did a typical day look like as a child? Bought the same as now. Sun came up around 6...

11. Write about your grandparents. I only knew one well. My mom's mom was widowed young and raised six kids then raised four grandchildren (my cousins). The best woman.

12. Did you move as a child? Only once when I was 7.

13. Who taught you to drive? My dad.

14. Which job has been your favorite? Morning DJ.

15. What was the best part of your 30s? I was wealthy and raised my kids. Great years! (But I learned far more from the lean years that followed)


  1. I would have enjoyed being a DJ, but maybe not in the morning.

  2. I have never been wealthy. I wonder what that feels like.

    1. You still have problems. It's not about money...

  3. Just from that one tiny comment, your grandmother sounds amazing. How cool to have been wealthy!!

  4. I found you! The link that accompanies your comment takes me nowhere. I'm not hear to talk meme. I've given you a pair of shout-outs on my blog about Rizz and you haven't seen them. Today is his birthday, you know. (OK, you don't know. Just me and his mom know.) But you were so right about that trade. He has a chance for another ring, he's been embraced by the NY fan base, he's getting big-money endorsements, he's raising money for his charity. As you told me last year, the Bronx is the best place for him right now (even though seeing him in the wrong color pinstripes still hurts). Now if only he could get those back spasms under control!

    1. We love him! Next to Judge, he's the most popular Yankee....

  5. You may want to reach out to Bev. She's struggling on Sunday Stealing.