Friday, June 2, 2017

Brian Williams to Host CBS Evening News

What a difference two years makes. It will be announced this week that Brian Williams will leave MSNBC to anchor “The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley”. Speculation is that the show will re-titled “The CBS Evening News with Brian Williams”. The reasons for changing the show's name was not immediately given. There is speculation that Megyn Kelly suggested it.

As we all know Brian is best known for being shot at. 
He recently said, “If I wanted hazard pay I’d join the Trump Administration. About his reason for leaving NBC Brian said, “It’s not about money…” (Editor’s note: It is ALWAYS about money. You read it here last.)

Brian said the change will end his quest for other positions including porn star, heading a Russian bank, becoming a minister so he can wed Joe & Mika or to replace Spicey as White House Press Secretary. 

We’d add more but that will come when covfefe flies.