Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keeping Up With Marla: No More POTUS Picks

It was reported this past week that the age old tradition of the President picking from the NCAA field of 64 (ok, 68. But who cares) on ESPN. This tradition was started by President Obama in 2005. It was an easy watch because the POTUS always went chalk. Which is part of the reason that he never got it right. After all, a 7th Seed won it all in 2014. And also speaking of UConn, Obama did get the women's bracket right. He said, "It's because I have two daughters." No one knew exactly what that meant. But, who questions the President? According the Stephen Miller who currently works for Pres...Pres...Pres - The Agent Orange guy, says "The President will not be questioned." And while that line might work in China or Russia, the nuance was lost on the western world.  

Getting back to this eight year tradition: Trump stated that he doesn't follow college basketball. "It's all I can do to keep up with Marla..." before being reminded that his current wife is Melania. I was about to remind him about Mr. Miller's quote that the president can't be questioned. But then I realized that nobody cares. Trump said he inherited a mess. So much so that he weekends in Florida and plays golf seven days a week. Lois Bogus from Killingworth Monthly asked when he'd have time to govern. He stated that he'd tweet us at 1 AM if anything important came up. 

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