Friday, June 2, 2017

Brian Williams to Host CBS Evening News

What a difference two years makes. It will be announced this week that Brian Williams will leave MSNBC to anchor “The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley”. Speculation is that the show will re-titled “The CBS Evening News with Brian Williams”. The reasons for changing the show's name was not immediately given. There is speculation that Megyn Kelly suggested it.

As we all know Brian is best known for being shot at. 
He recently said, “If I wanted hazard pay I’d join the Trump Administration. About his reason for leaving NBC Brian said, “It’s not about money…” (Editor’s note: It is ALWAYS about money. You read it here last.)

Brian said the change will end his quest for other positions including porn star, heading a Russian bank, becoming a minister so he can wed Joe & Mika or to replace Spicey as White House Press Secretary. 

We’d add more but that will come when covfefe flies.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keeping Up With Marla: No More POTUS Picks

It was reported this past week that the age old tradition of the President picking from the NCAA field of 64 (ok, 68. But who cares) on ESPN. This tradition was started by President Obama in 2005. It was an easy watch because the POTUS always went chalk. Which is part of the reason that he never got it right. After all, a 7th Seed won it all in 2014. And also speaking of UConn, Obama did get the women's bracket right. He said, "It's because I have two daughters." No one knew exactly what that meant. But, who questions the President? According the Stephen Miller who currently works for Pres...Pres...Pres - The Agent Orange guy, says "The President will not be questioned." And while that line might work in China or Russia, the nuance was lost on the western world.  

Getting back to this eight year tradition: Trump stated that he doesn't follow college basketball. "It's all I can do to keep up with Marla..." before being reminded that his current wife is Melania. I was about to remind him about Mr. Miller's quote that the president can't be questioned. But then I realized that nobody cares. Trump said he inherited a mess. So much so that he weekends in Florida and plays golf seven days a week. Lois Bogus from Killingworth Monthly asked when he'd have time to govern. He stated that he'd tweet us at 1 AM if anything important came up. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cruz to New England Patriots

Victor Cruz the former leader of the New York Giants was not resigned. A sports report now breaking is that Victor will join Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. While Cruz would still have to make the team, he accepted a $500,000 guaranteed offer according to WTIT, which has a fifty year history of breaking sports news. Here's a look at how Victor's stats from 2016 would fit in with the Pats.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Derek Jeter Expecting

The Jeters have announced that they are expecting a daughter according to various news reports and confirmed by WTIT Radio. The hardest part according to Hannah Davis is that the baby will never really be able to appreciate her dad's playing career. While Derek seems more focus on just being her daddy.

So what do you give a couple who have everything? We decided to publish a list of the most popular girl's names last year in 2016. Our favorite? Since we are a parent and grandparent it would be their names, since each is perfect! Enough of self serving. Here's the list according to