Friday, November 1, 2013

Golden Finger, Goldeye or Something Like That

Saturday 9: Twilight Zone

1) This is one of the first songs to see a bump in sales after its video was shown on MTV. Do you ever watch music videos? Only while listening to a new song or group. That happens a lot now because I don’t listen much to music radio anymore. New songs I pick up are suggestions from my wife or my kids.

2) Golden Earring is from the Netherlands. The average life expectancy there is 79 years old. Who is the oldest person you know? My mom turned 90 a few weeks ago. My brother and sister gave her a great party.

3) The song's composer says the song and especially the video were inspired by the 1980 book, The Bourne Identity. The espionage thriller was finally made into a movie with Matt Damon in 2002. Do you have a favorite secret agent/spy? 007. I convinced Kathy to watch (really do) a James Bond marathon. I owned all the films from Dr. No to Skyfall. We watch one every weekend. We just watched the two Timothy Dalton films. I really liked him, but thought the films weren’t well written. My least favorite has always been Moore. Maybe it is because he followed the best, Sean Connery, the originator of the role. This weekend we will see the first Pierce Bronson film. Oh as a side note, some of the collection as of DVDs were dubbed from VHS. Kathy saw 10 seconds of one and said, “No way. Buy the damn DVDs or all bets are off.” On Amazon, the six flicks cost me a whopping $40. I felt stupid for dubbing the VHS.

4) The song's title comes from The Twilight Zone TV show, which ran from 1959 to 1964. Are there any old shows that you enjoy watching in reruns? Right now I am burning through NYPD Blue. As a prime member at Amazon, I get to watch every episode commercial free. I tell you other than the typewriters, lack of computer anything & payphones, it holds up well as a human drama.

5) "All guys cheat on their girlfriends, so yeah, I forgive him." Sam heard a young woman say that into her phone as they waited in line at the drugstore. While Sam is always surprised by how much personal information people share in the public, that's not what we're concentrating on this morning. Do you think that it's true? Do all guys cheat on their girlfriends? No. Unless the guys are gay. In that situation the number is over 100%. I also think that cheating has a lot more to do with various factors other than sex. I can honestly say I do not have a black & white statement here. It all depends…

6) Whenever Sam goes to the grocery store she picks up Snausages because her dog looks at her with sad eyes when she tries to reward him anything else. What product has your brand loyalty? At my age, almost all products I buy is about experience, not loyalty. But I am older, and I know marketing. By 50 you don’t change soap or deodorant or almost anything else… Me? Things like Diet Coke. Smirnoff. My Ban, Edge shaving cream & all stuff Beatles. Gal, have you heard “New”? It’s great. Let me know if I should get it to you…

7) Do you have a piggy bank or a coin jar? No. I used to have a bucket until Kathy found it. Now I spend my change.

8) Sam knows that she's always supposed to wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, but she sometimes forgets. What do you know you should do, but sometimes don't? It could be food or drink. I usually follow my rules, but every now & then…

9) Retailers report that sales of Halloween costumes for grown-ups are strong. Since Halloween was earlier this week and there will be parties this weekend ... What's your costume for Halloween 2013? If you aren't dressing up this year, tell us about one of your favorite outfits from a Halloween gone by. This year I was “Goron” head of the Klingon High Council. If you care to see me in action, the video is posted on the WTIT Facebook page.

OK. I got another birthday coming. So I'm cranky! Aren’t I already old enough? While my operation (10th on my back) was successful, I am still in way too much pain. But, I found out that a close friend and original WTIT DJ, is in stage 4 COPD. I had called him and his sister returned the call. That’s how I found out. My back is minor in comparison. But as my wife says, it still sucks. I’m sorry I’m not around much anymore. Don't tell me that "Never Say Never Again" wasn't an "official Bond film". Sean Connery played James Bond. "Nuff said. I’m writing a book and WTIT recordings are increasing. Our last WTIT recording of the year will be on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assignation. Obviously, our pick of the date wasn't about that. We’ve got four DJs confirmed with one to hear from. Can you believe that the U.S. hired an Canadian company that was fired from hem, to design the Health Care Website? Really? Obama cannot go away fast enough. And I’m a liberal. End the damn wars. It’s easy. Send our kids home. Period. Take that money & fix our economy. Peace & love...

Till next we meet-