Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Making No Sense After All These Years

Sunday Stealing: Collapse 

Have you ever clicked on an ad on the side of your screen by accident?: Of course. When those thongs arrived I was shocked.

When was the last time you were disappointed?: Maybe an hour ago. When you get to be a certain age your body betrays you. The eight back and one neck surgeries hasn’t helped much.

Do you like the smell of rain?: Yes. When the rain comes they go and hide their heads, they might as well be dead, when the rain comes”

What was the last thing you took a picture of?: It had to put up Don Julio (premium tequila) posters in two stores and then take a fucking picture and sent it to HQ. What they do with those shots is anybody’s guess.
When you go to McDonald's, what drink do you usually get?: Diet Coke. There should be a McBar so I could a McSmirnoff.

What were you doing today at 2:15 in the afternoon?: When it comes along, I’ll get back to you.

What's the nickname of your home state?: You gotta be shitting me.

What's the worst type of weather in your opinion?: Ones that kill people.

Do you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad or none?: None.

Would you rather read or write?: Read. Which is why my book is going so slow.

When was the last time someone took a picture of you?: Kathy took pics when we saw Mark Farner (lead singer of Grand Funk) on our town green a couple of weeks ago.

Do you own a pair of slippers?: Yes. Didn’t we cover this a few weeks ago?

Name something negative that you hate about yourself: I’d rather talk about slippers, if you get my drift.

Is your house currently hot, cold or just right?: It’s just right because of four air conditioners.

Is there a Dead End road near where you live?: Yes.

Do you roll your eyes often?: I am now.

Growing up, did you see your cousins often?: Some on my mom’s side. I only met my cousins from my dad’s side once.

Where was your first job at?: The Hartford Country Club.

When's your birthday?: In November. Send me a god damn gift!

Is life a party to you?: A laugh a minute…

Who are you tired of seeing in the news a lot? : George Zimmerman. They should have fried his dumb ass. I know that I may be the only white guy who thinks Trevor Martin should not have been home. Johnnie Walker and I fught about this just before the verdict. He actually said to me, “It’s Trevor’s fault for not going straight home” and “Zimmerman didn’t know Martin was black”. I told him to stop watch fucking Fox News. About a minute after he declare that George told police the “he didn’t know what race he was” the anchorman on CNN played the conversation where Zimmerman told police he was following a black kid. Johnnie said, ”Wow. I didn’t know.” He still had no problem with Zimmerman. Some people. I hate it when it’s one of your best friends…

When was the last time you flew a kite?: When my oldest kid was 10. She’s about to turn 39.

How long have you had a blog?: WTIT: The Blog started in February of 2006.

Have you ever had to call and complain about a product you bought?: No, just bad service or some crap that happens at restaurants.

Name something positive you love about yourself: When you’re as great as I am, it’s hard to be humble.

Next weekend I’m going to NY City with my son. We’re taking a train on Friday and seeing my Yanks play. Gal, I don’t know how you and my dad endure The Cubbies. I hate it when my team sucks. If it weren’t for Mariano, this season would hold no interest. I’d rather not seeing A-Rod ever again, which with his new injury could happen. I am really scared that Jeter may be gone. Both are 38 and in baseball terms it is your late 80s. That said, I won’t be here. Not that I’m around a lot, anyway. Peace & love…


  1. The Cubs do NOT suck. We are REBUILDING! (This is what we say now, since retiring the "Just wait until Mark Pryor is health" excuse back in 2006.)

    It amazes, and saddens, me too that people actually think there are two sides to the Trayvon Martin murder. To me, it's not about race, it's about guns. And it reinforces my belief that anyone who wants a gun is exactly the person who isn't emotionally/temperamentally equipped to carry one.

  2. Thank goodness I don't like skittles and ice tea cause I own a few hoodies....

    1. I thought you were trouble from the moment I read Mayhem!

  3. Boy I sure identify with your first answer!!

  4. Hope you have a great trip with your son!!

    1. Allison-

      I am sure I will. He is suck a great man, father, husband and most importantly to me son.

  5. "When's your birthday?: In November. Send me a god damn gift!" This has got to be the best answer, on record, to that question!

    Best Friends can be incredibly stupid. I had to get rid of mine for similar lapses of humanity.