Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rest in Peace, J. R.

Sunday Stealing: The Wish List Meme, Part One

1.) What are 3 things on your Wish list and why? World peace, politicians working together and a ton of $$$ for me. I gotta be honest.

2.) What do you miss about your childhood? Not worrying about anything. Mom and Dad had all the answers.

3.) What do you do on your spare time on the weekends? This shit, obviously. Although, since I no longer write the memes, I enjoy doing them more. Here’s a fee for yesterday: Kathy put together the gas grill I bought. (She can put ANTHING together, which saves a ton…) I can’t help for three reasons: 1- My back. 2- I’m an idiot with directions. 3- I took a picture of Kathy putting it together for her facebook page. She took one of me having a Smirnoff. Her nephew wrote to me on facebook, “Way to go Bud! You drink and have her work!”

4.) What do you appreciate most in your life? Kathy.

5.) Would you rather be rich or healthy? Healthy. What a fucking stupid question.

6.) If you could go back in time would you and why? Yes. Just cuz…

7.) Favorite game as a child? Doctor.

8.) What is your dream career? I’d be back in radio doing a morning show somewhere.

9.) What do you do in your free time? Last night we watched “The Hunger Games”. That was one intense flick. I still can’t say whether I liked it.
10.) Favorite clothing stores? Tees and shorts.

11.) What TV shows can't you live without? I cannot believe I’m watching Dallas again. Larry Hagman’s death is now a plot point. Rest in peace, J.R.

12.) 3 things you need in your life are: Diet Coke, Smirnoff & Kathy. Not in that order. I think…

13.) What can't you sleep without? My iPod. I listen to WTIT comedy to drift off.

14.) What are you currently a nerd for? Currently, Stargate Atlantis. I got a Roku (A device to watch internet shows on your TV. It's a one time charge.) I can now watch a ton of things for free. The Crossing Jordan series is not available on DVD or regular TV. The fight is over music fees. Netflix has it and I finally got Kathy to watch it and find out about my crush on the Jordan character.

15.) What is your favorite seasoning? Garlic.

16.) What is your favorite wild animal? Lion. I can watch documentaries about them all day.

17.) Name 3 of your favorite childhood shows: Bite me.

18.) If you could live as a character in a movie who would it be? Captain Kirk.

19.) Favorite vegetable? Corn.

20.) Favorite Fruit? Grapes.

21.) If you had a dragon what would you name it? Puff. Is there another one that smokes pot?

22.) What do you put on hotdogs? Why would anyone care?

23.) Do you play online games? Just Saturday 9 & Sunday Stealing.

24.) What's your favorite way to get inspired? Give me some good old rock ‘n roll.

25.) Do you have a middle name? Yes.

What a great start to a new era of Stealing! Great job, Allison! See you next weekend. Same time, same blog. 


  1. If you are rich but not are still can't fix everything. I'd rather be healthy too. Mr BC and I loved all the Stargates. I guess I'm a double nerd.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

    1. My fave was SG-1 and I learned to hate Stargate Universe..

  2. So you have passed the Sunday Stealing baton again! I'm glad for you. And Larry Hagman was so good as that character. I mean to watch the Dallas reboot but I keep forgetting when it's on.

    1. I don't know when it's on either since I Tivo it. It's on TNT...

  3. Kathy did a spectacular job too! We use Apple TV's here. I love it!

  4. Wow the set for Star Trek is looking funner and funner! Great minds... ;-)

    And yay for Kathy for putting things together.

  5. I can't wait to see the film... finally!