Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Know It Isn't the Same

1) In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris climbs up on a parade float and enthusiastically lip synchs this song, encouraging the entire crowd to join in. Do you know the lyrics of "Twist and Shout" well enough to sing along? No. But let me think...Well, shake it up, baby, now, (shake it up, baby) Twist and shout. (twist and shout) Cmon cmon, cmon, cmon, baby, now, (come on baby) Come on and work it on out. (work it on out) Well, work it on out, honey. (work it on out) You know you look so good. (look so good) You know you got me goin, now, (got me goin) Just like I knew you would. (like I knew you would, oooh!) Well, shake it up, baby, now, (shake it up, baby) Twist and shout. (twist and shout) Cmon, cmon, cmon, cmon, baby, now, (come on baby) Come on and work it all out. (work it all out, oooh!) You know you’re a twisty little girl, (twist little girl) You know you twist so fine. (twist so fine) Come on and twist a little closer, now, (twist a little closer) And let me know that you're mine. (let me know you’re mine oooh) Ahhhhhhhhhh(root) Ahhhhhhhhhh(third) Ahhhhhhhhhh(fifth) Ahhhhhhhhhhh(seventh) Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Woah, Yeah

2) What other Beatles' song do you know all the words to? That would just be “Is there a Beatles song?” This was originally Top Notes song that Phil Specter produced. It flopped. The Isley Brother’s had a huge hit with it. The Beatles covered the Isley’s version. Oh, to the question, yes I know them all except Revolution 9.

3) 49 years after their American debut, The Beatles are acknowledged as having a lasting impact on both music and culture. What performers on today's music scene do you think will be remembered 50 years from now? I waited for years to hear the next band that would have The Beatles impact. It was to my surprise that no band has even come close. So, no to this one too.

4) Paul McCartney is an enthusiastic advocate of the vegetarian lifestyle. Could you/have you tried to "go veggie?" No to this one, three. I love you Paul, but your diet sucks.

 5) As a young boy, Ringo Starr suffered a severe attack of appendicitis and almost died. Do you still have your appendix? What about your tonsils? Yes to appendix, but no to tonsils.

6) John Lennon sketched and doodled when he was bored or nervous. Do you have any nervous habits? Yes, we call it Smirnoff.

 7) George Harrison loved Hawaii so much he bought a 63-acre estate in Maui. Have you ever visited our 50th state? No, but my son-in law’s mother lives there. And yes, I know that isn’t the same.

8) Yoko Ono was a polarizing character in the Beatles' saga. Has any of your friends ever dated/married someone you just could not stand? Not in the Yoko sense. I have had several that I didn’t get the up side to the person, but never a deal breaker. I've had several that maneuvered their husband to leave WTIT, but even that is not a problem for me. We always found another to take that chair.

9) Paul has had dogs his entire adult life, including a sheepdog, Martha, and a black lab, Jet. John was especially fond of a cat named Elvis and a tomcat he found in the snow and named Tim. Tell us about one of your pets. I have my virtual dog, Happy. He’s great! I never have to walk or feed him and he never barks too loud! The real “Happy” story is this: In WTIT’s movie spoof, “The Bounty Hunter” Galloping Gary plays a returning war hero named "Reb". When he returns home he finds his family is so broke that they have had to sell his sister and warned that if they don’t get some cash, Reb’s dog “Happy” is next. Reb does a few minutes on how much “Happy” means to him. Later, during a bank robbery the Sheriff (played by Bouncing Billy) has some bad news for Reb, “My wife is dead, Reb and so is your dog”. Reb is heartbroken. “I can see killing people. But a dog? He was such a good dog! I make this pledge, I’ll find the bastards who killed you. And, I will never forget you, Rover!” The Sheriff whispers, “Your dog’s name was ‘Happy.’”

We will be back tomorrow for Stealing. See you then. Same time, same blog.


  1. "You become naked." "#9, #9, #9." I think that's all you need to know about that one.

    So glad you played today! I was afraid you'd miss Beatlemania.

    Love your answer to (pardon the coincidence) #9. It's a funny story and your cyber pooch alwya reminds me of an old boyfriend who took delight in watching credits and finding weird shit. Like in Hawaii 5-0, "Zulu as Kono." Or Bachelor Father, "Sammee Tong as Peter Tong." And more recently, 7th Heaven, "Happy as Happy."

    1. Your ex needed to get out more. :) Thanks, when I saw the boys from Liverpool, I had to play!

  2. I know you think you are happy with Happy, but there is nothing like real doggy kisses!
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

    1. My wife is a dog person. So far I've kept her at bay... :)

  3. Your answers cracked me up, especially Rover, I mean Happy!

  4. I bet you loved the Beatles thing this week. I'm so glad you played :)