Saturday, January 5, 2013

Smooth Sailing or Something Close

1) It's a brand new year! Do you have any resolutions for 2013? I don’t do that. I think if you waited till New Years to change elements in your life, you are doomed to fail. When you need a major change and you know it, do it then. Mostly I’m looking for calm in 2013. Buying a house and getting married were terrific, but I’m looking forward to smooth sailing in 2013.

2) Dusty Springfield sang of feeling "brand new." What leaves you feeling refreshed and/or rejuvenated? Winning Powerball might do it.

3) Dusty's given name was Mary Catherine. If you could give yourself a brand new first name, what would it be? St. Bernard of Dogshire.

4) Actor Billy Bob Thornton has dismissed antiques, saying, "I'm creeped out by old stuff." Do you ever shop at estate sales, yard sales or second-hand stores? Or do you want everything brand new?
I do new. My wife loves tag sales. She buys the cutest tags there.
5)  Are you sad to see the holiday decorations slowly disappear until next year? Or do you think they should come down on January 2? Kathy is a January 2nd person. In fact, I think a lot was gone right after Christmas. Here’s a shot of her dragging our tree into the forest behind our home. She covers it with peanut butter and seed for the animals that are our neighbors. They live in a state park of 160+ acres.
6) Do you like the picture on your photo ID? Who could?

7) Crazy Sam shudders at the very thought of a snake. Which is your least favorite member of the Animal Kingdom?
I could do without insects. Kathy sees a millipede and screams. She’s been known to point at fuzz on the carpet, thinking it’s a spider and calling for me. I’ve killed a lot of fuzz ball fuckers.

8) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through?
It could be whatever was in the doctor’s office. Probably People.
9) Do you have nice handwriting? No. I can’t even read it.
Hope the New Year has found you safe, healthy and happy. I‘ll be back to annoy you again. Peace…


  1. I love the generous and imaginative way Kathy "recycles" your tree. And I'm amused that you photographed her from the warm indoor rather than helping her drag that giant sucker through the snow. You're still *such* a guy, Bud! (Even without the twins.) I hope you enjoy smooth sailing across all of 2013.

  2. Love that she does that with your tree! And my old house in MA had centipedes. BIG fast lotsa legs suckers. I didn't tell the people that bought it about them. Should that have been included in full disclosure? eeeww....

  3. You're very brave to tackle the fuzz bugs. Sometimes I wish I had a man around to get the occasional spider... then I realize I better be careful what I wish for or I'd end up with another dud.

  4. Ohhhhhh I love the tree and peanut butter and seeds idea! I spend a small fortune in seed and suet all year long feeding those buggers!! Happy New Year!!! Mary

  5. OOPS! I'm so sorry I forgot about your surgery! That's another reason why you deserve to sail through the coming year.

  6. I put bird seed out for the birds and squirrels. My neighbor came over day and said I was attracting feral cats and to stop.

    So I put out a can of tuna fish for the cats.

  7. I remember doing that peanut butter seed stuff with my kids when they were small.

    Happy New Year!

  8. St. Bernard Weiser, does not have the same ring to it! lol

  9. I love the pic of Kathy: she looks like she's running away from home! :-)

    I wish for you peace and a complete lack of needing to see doctors for anything for either of you!!

  10. When we lived in Michigan the kids did the same thing as Kathy with the tree. No I have an artifical tree and I feed the birds and squirrels an anything else wandering in my yard directly. I recently bought some unsalted peanuts in shells for the squirrels, because of the drought we didn't get walnuts on our 6 trees. None to pick up also none for the animals.

  11. I am with Kathy on the millipedes. I want to rent a hotel room for the night if I see one. Because they are so quick and if Larry can't get it, it is all I can think about. "ewwww" just thinking about it. They usually come in after a really bad rain in the summertime.

    I have been known to stand on chairs. Yeah, I'm a baby with insects. The only ones I like are ladybugs and butterflies.

    Oh and Beatles. ;)